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Air Duct Cleaning – Myths and Truths

Westland Air Duct Cleaning professionals are taking the time to provide vital information to area residents and business owners.  This is a guide to determining when air duct cleaning is truly necessary.  There are several myths related to duct cleaning and sadly, many duct cleaning services are speaking them as truth to sell their service.

Common Myths Exposed - Truths Revealed by Westland Air Duct Cleaners

Myth:  Duct cleaning is recommended each year to eliminate airborne contaminants and prevent mold related health problems

Truth:  There is no recommended cleaning schedule; however the NADCA ACR 2006 Standard does have a recommended inspection schedule which for residential systems is the following:

Air Handling Unit – 1 year
Supply Ductwork – 2 years
Return Ductwork/Exhaust – 2 years

Myth:  Discount duct cleaning companies only charge between $60 and $100 and the entire procedure is done in just an hour or two

Truth:  There is no reputable and qualified duct cleaning service that can possibly do the job right for this price.  This is a bait and switch technique, one of the most popular air duct cleaning scams being used today. 

Air duct cleaning can cost $450 to $1,000 per HVAC system, depending on the services needed, size of the HVAC system and the level of contamination.  The job can take four to eight hours to complete.

Myth:  Dust mites live in ductwork

Truth:  Dust mites do not live in ductwork
You may need duct cleaning service if: 

  • It becomes necessary to dust more often
  • A strange odor when your furnace or AC is running
  • Visible dust accumulation on heat and return air vents
  • Streaking or black residue around vents
  • Family members suffer increased allergy symptoms or respiratory issues inside your home

We also provide dryer vent cleaning service.  Clogged dryer vents are the second leading cause of residential fires in the United States.

Westland Air Duct Cleaning professionals understand the necessity of cleaning heat vents and air ducts.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 40 pounds of dust accumulates in homes every year. The Westland air duct cleaning technicians are highly trained and come with years of experience. We use state-of-the-art equipment and duct cleaning tools to do a complete cleaning of all the interior surfaces of your duct system, including main trunk lines to and from the furnace. We are your solution for clean indoor air.